Hamoody Flash Card is a game designed as a tool to enhance the speaking skills among non-native Arabic learners especially those who are not in the Arabic surrounding and environment. The concept of this flash card game is closely related to learners’ daily activities. This game consists of 2 parties (judge and residents) in a small group of 3-5 persons for each session, one will be the judge while others are residents. Each learner takes turn as a judge. There are 10 obstacles that need to be resolved by the residents. The judge reads a complete order and the residents must arrange the cards according to the order and read out the card arrangement correctly. The judge must decide who fails to follow the order. The failed residents lose one life while the winner is the residents who keeps the life longest. This game tests learners’ memories and their competence in arranging the answer cards. However, it is based on the learners’ creativity on how they arrange the cards. Indirectly, the learners can know how to construct grammatically sound sentences and use correct pronunciation. Through repeated attempts in solving the given obstacles, learners will improve their listening skills, pronunciations skills and will be able to construct simple sentences correctly. Hamoody Flash Card is different from other flash card games in terms of focus, approach, attention and learn-
ing point.